Size of salary not the key to recruiting graduates

Tomorrow’s high-fliers put work-life balance before big pay cheques.

Graduates looking for their first job are more interested in work-life balance, company image and career prospects than the initial salary that an employer offers, according to two new surveys.

A report by ten UK, a lifestyle-management company, found that graduates rated an employer’s respect for work-life balance as significantly more important than a competitive salary when deciding whether to accept a job offer.

Further research by Top Jobs on the Net, the online recruiter, revealed that their job title, training possibilities and the company’s reputation are also important. Less than one in eight graduates would consider working for a small business.

Donald Martin, UK policy chairman for the Federation of Small Business, was expressed concern at graduates’ preference for established organisations.

“As big businesses downsize, the global economy is increasingly made up of small firms and graduates need to realise that more opportunities will be within small and medium-sized enterprises,” he said. “Employment within a small business can lead to greater responsibility at an earlier age. Within larger corporations graduates are often made to feel anonymous.”

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