Recruitment in the Property Investment Sector

Many recruitment agencies will have you believe that finding the right person for the job is easy but the right candidates – talented, driven people – are often not looking for another position. Therefore you need a specialist headhunters like us who know exactly which companies look in and who within them to contact, as the more traditional recruitment methods simply do not get through to the candidates you need for your business.

At Headhunters 24/7 we are property sector specialists, headhunting on behalf of property investment companies, expert in finding the most exceptional candidates who need to be hunted out and brought right to your door especially in the property sector, as only a very small percentage will be actively looking for new positions.

You have to know where to look to find the right people in the rapidly growing and competitive field of UK specialist property personnel recruitment and through our network we can identify the highest performing individuals by employing techniques honed through years of experience in the property market. We are constantly watching for the newly emerging, ambitious executives who can be approached for headhunting giving you access to a large source of top candidates who could be the next valuable addition to your company.
Over the last ten years a huge number of new property investment companies have emerged, all demanding high quality candidates in order to promote their business and therefore this is now a hugely competitive market, with all of the companies vying to find the top executives and our best strength is to identify and target the highest calibre candidates in the UK property investment market and then to manage the contact, proposal, and recruitment process until the closing offer has been agreed by all concerned.

Thanks to our detailed research methods and our ways of headhunting have led us to become known as one of the leading property executive headhunters in the UK. It is our job to find the right people and provide the best candidates, which means that you don’t have all the stress of the search yourself.

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