Careers In Web Design

With almost every business and organisation in the country having its own website, there is an ongoing need for designers who can create well-constructed and effective websites to provide information. Many companies now trade over the internet; mail order companies, in particular, create large, sophisticated sites that complement their printed catalogues.

Holiday companies find it much more cost effective to sell holidays over the internet rather than to mail out a thick and expensive brochure to customers and prospects. Almost every magazine and newspaper in the UK has an interactive website where readers and subscribers can gather information, download and share stories or join in a discussion forum. Radio and TV stations have sophisticated sites that allow you to review programmes over and over again, to contribute to discussion forums and generally to interact with them. Restaurants, hotels and places of entertainment encourage their customers to enquire, book and pay online – all reducing the core costs to the company itself.

More and more individuals and businesses use websites for research purposes, as well, so the need to add more content to sites just keeps increasing. What’s more, web design work is not constricted to the private sector by any means. Central and local government have vast website resources that allow members of the public to access information about every aspect of life online – from finding out the visiting times at your local hospital to paying your taxes – you can do it all online.

Whether you want to develop a career within a company that handles its own website, find work in the public sector or work for a web design company or as a freelance designer, you will find a Home Learning College course that will set you on the road to success.

The options that you have are to pursue an ’employed’ route or operate as a freelancer, so let’s consider those options.

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