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The art of networking has been the standard method of increasing business since the first business. It is all about getting to know other people in business and finding those that are compatible with your business. The art of networking brings people together in order to promote and advance other businesses. This does not mean that the first person you meet will be your new client. It does mean that there is a good chance that someone they know will be your new client.

The art of networking is not limited to retail and professional businesses. It is just as applicable to those who are looking for a new job as it is to a lawyer looking for more clients. If you are interested in changing jobs, there are a number of ways that you can use the principles behind networking to get your talent noticed by recruiters or other employers.


If you know someone in the media, you can have them interview you for a newspaper or a local television show. Like all press releases, an interview can be about something that you have accomplished. If you have received an industry honor, see if you can get a blurb in the local paper. You may need to write your own press release or do a paid advertorial.

Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have long become powerful and omnipresent. Among other things, these sites are instrumental in branding and getting newsworthy information out to a group of people. If you are looking for a new job, be sure that you connect with and follow the recruiters who do business in your field of expertise. That way, you will not only easily learn about the potential openings, but they will notice you in a natural way.

Volunteer Work

Another part of networking is to find places that you can use your talents to help other people. If you are talented in childcare, then volunteer to help with childcare at clinics or other places where they need people to help parents. If you are talented in graphic design, then lend your talents to those nonprofit organizations that need signs, fliers or web design. These things can all go in your portfolio.

Meet the Recruiters

If you have a local agency that specializes in recruiting talent, then introduce yourself to them. Make yourself invaluable by connecting them with others who are looking for jobs that can be placed through them. This helps both the job seeker and the recruiter. You can be supplying talent they may never have found on their own.

National Trade Magazines

There are any number of trade magazines that carry news pertinent to the trade. You can use those magazines to connect with other companies or recruiting agencies that you would not find through local networking. There are jobs all over the world, so if you are open to relocating, you have a better chance of getting a new job.

Even if you are not in the market for a job at the moment, there is no harm in setting up a networking system for yourself. You never know when you may be offered the perfect job.

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