Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice)

Most people settle for one or two significant career changes over the whole of their working life. But you are becoming a post-modern icon by going from one career to three – all within a single year. Pop star and television personality; now you have become the queen of the catwalk. Only Barbie has had more careers.

Without a doubt you have made the best of your talents. Your presentation is immaculate; despite the unkind comments about losing too much weight. Your marketing skills are unrivalled (at least by the rest of the Spices) and, in a move that was central to all the success you have achieved, you surrounded yourself with all the right people.

You also know how to version yourself to suit different tastes: you are both the elegant Victoria in the ruffle flamenco dress (as featured on the front page of The Times) and, at the same time, the old Posh Spice in hot pants (on the front of The Sun).

Unfortunately, the career you have chosen, while hugely financially rewarding, is usually short-lived. Recently, you have made moves that suggest you are trying to broaden your career horizons – the television industry will certainly be an option when your present career has run its course. You seem likeable and comfortable on screen, but you must be aware that there are thousands of others with similar talents who may be willing to sell their skills more cheaply.

When the royalty cheques stop rolling in you may find yourself taking a massive pay cut. You must decide if you want to remain in the public eye while your fame and earning power diminishes, or if you want to retire when your group does and devote your time to investing your wealth.

The line you used for justifying your catwalk debut was clever: ‘I chose Maria Grachvogel [the leading designer] …because I wanted to give her something back after all she has done for me.’ It shows you network, and your ambition has a human face. Enjoy the fame while it lasts.

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