The Toughest Jobs That Sound So Simple

There are a lot of jobs that from the outside looking in seem so simple that a cave man could do it. We look at these jobs with such cynicism, that we oversimplify their job requirements and feel that we could walk a day in an employee’s shoes with ease. The reality is that there are jobs out there that seem so simple, but really are not for the feint of heart. I read an article that touched on the subject, and I’ll share a PG-rated version of my favorite three “Silly-Sounding Jobs That Are Way Harder Than You Think”:

1. Golf Caddy:
The perception is that they are just the kids that hand golf clubs to the rich guys. They’ll occasionally have to wade in a water hazard on the account of a slice. If they are not caddying at the pro-level, they are reduced to being treated liked dirt, and hopefully they’ll make good money in tips for an honest days work. But it’s all-good because it’s just a summer job, right?

That may be the reality for the unfortunate kid with the crappy summer job, but the professional caddies that do this year round are unsung heroes. They read the green and recommend clubs. The recommendation is usually based on where they are on the course, the skill of the player, trajectories, angles, wind velocities, etc. They are coaches to the golfer, but receive no recognition of their work if their golfer wins. On top of all of that, they have to pay for their own travel expenses, which could take up to ¼ of their salary!

2. Flight Attendants:
The perception is that they are the folks that read the safety instructions off of a self-explanatory pamphlet that could easily be passed around. They distribute peanuts, drinks, and head sets so you can watch “Snakes on a Plane” on repeat until you’ve reached your destination. Passengers probably think that they could divide the duties of a flight attendant amongst themselves and have a better experience.

Truth is that flight attendants have to know a lot more than their way around the cabin, and the industry-leading brand of peanuts. They have to know how to use first aid and CPR, in case of emergencies. They also have to know self-defense, as a preventative measure of terrorism. Their physical health is not the best, due to being stuck in a tube with so many people within a given week. Flight attendants also have to be away from home a lot, making it difficult to maintain a family. There are drawbacks from being a flight attendant, and only the most dedicated need apply.

3. Food Critics:
The perception is usually that they are the guys that waltz in any food restaurant in town, as if they were royalty. They basically eat on their company’s dime and make snidely comments about the restaurant (i.e. “their signature entrée is ghastly”), like they’re Simon Cowell on some blog afterward.

The reality is that food critics hold the livelihood of a restaurant owner in their hands. This is not an easy task, considering that people aren’t easy going to begin with. There is no telling how a restaurant owner will react when they receive a bad grade. There is even an example of a critic being beat bloody by a restaurant owner’s “associates”. Some food critics also have a bad rap, which gets them banned from restaurants. There aren’t a lot of jobs where you have to wear a disguise in order for you to get into the front door to do your job.

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