Leo Blair: This will be your life

Career advice for an infant is difficult at the best of times, but Leo, you’re already off to a very fine start. Your problem will not be being loved too little and ignored. Or having a slightly unusual name – pity instead Brooklyn Beckham, Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon (Madonna’s first child) and Lucas Morad Jagger (Mick’s offspring). With so much attention, your big challenge will be to create enough space for you to follow your own chosen path.

The omens are promising. Whatever angle is taken to try to foresee your future, you will be encouraged. As the last of four children, you will be luckier than Celine Dion, the last of 14 children. When dad next meets Rupert Murdoch, he might inquire how his son James, also the fourth child, is doing. Not badly, but not tipped as the father’s successor.

You have two confident, successful young parents and three siblings not directly in competition (we cannot readily imagine your older brother Nicky, who’s 14, beating you up, or Kathryn, who’s 12, confusing you with one of her toys).

You will benefit from parents who are stars not just in Britain, but throughout the world. This will expose you early on to new cultures and languages, vital skills in the new global economy.

Much is already been made of your strong birth chart, indicating a formidable planetary line-up of Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. Whether or not you have any faith in astrology, tabloid Britain can’t get enough of it and is already disposed to see you as an artist, performer, writer or communicator. Combined with your parents’ skills in advocacy and spin, you won’t have much trouble getting your point across.

But there is a serious fly in the ointment – though potentially a character-building one. In four or five years time – a very formative period for you – Tony Blair will not be so popular as he is now. Gordon Brown would have successfully schemed against him and replaced him, or Michael Portillo will be Prime Minister.

If your dad does survive, he will go the way of Margaret Thatcher and possibly further, and crown himself King Tony. You will witness all this and certainly think twice about a career in politics.

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