Are gimmicks a good idea?

Enclosing a teabag with your application to encourage the recipient to make a cup of tea before they read it is one way to make sure they remember you.

But will it ensure you pass that first big hurdle and get an interview? It may get you noticed but the content and presentation are more important.

The application procedure is becoming more sophisticated. The volume of applications for many jobs has increased dramatically and application forms are used to weed out unsuitable candidates.

Careers advisers recommend tailoring each application form to the job you are applying for and keeping it short, simple and relevant.

But what about wacky applications? It depends on the industry. Someone once sent their CV (resume) to a media company along with a bag of peanuts, saying that was what they were prepared to work for.

That kind of approach might work in a advertising agency or TV production company but it might have counted against them if the employer were a financial services company.

So bear in mind the job you are applying for before resorting to gimmicks and zany ideas. Humour isn’t always appropriate and, if you want to make sure your application stands out, it should always be professional.

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