Resume Rescue: Overused Phrases to Avoid

In a job market that’s growing more competitive every day, having an effective, impressive resume that stands out from the crowd is key. Looking to fine tune yours but not sure where to start? No worries, our Resume Rescue series is here to help! 

If you want your resume to stand out you can’t use the same stale and overused phrases that have been used by applicants for years and are all but beaten to death. Some common phrases, like “team player,” have become so automatic that they not only mean nothing but can actually harm you by portraying you as boring, run-of-the-mill, and totally uncreative. Instead try describing yourself in a more conversational way, using language you would use if you were just talking to somebody.

Here are some common resume phrases to avoid:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Team player
  • Strong work ethic
  • Works well with all levels of staff
  • Results or objectives oriented

Basically just try not to sound stuffy or “canned.” Professional, yes. Articulate, yes. Stale and common? Not so much.

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