Your Guide To Security Clearance

A Security Clearance check is for people who carry out tasks that require national security clearance. This includes Government bodies, such as the Ministry of Defence and the armed forces. The level of security clearance varies depending on the nature of the work and the sensitivity of the information that is accessed.

How to obtain Security Clearance
Clearance is only obtained through a request by the employer/client and is carried out by Government agencies. The clearance is granted for a period of time depending on the employment term or for a specified period.

In most cases, Security Clearance will be required before commencing a particular role and, without it, the person will not be allowed to go on site. An individual does not need to be a British national to obtain Security Clearance.

Types of National security checks

Basic check and Enhanced basic checks
Carried out by screening identity documents and references. It provides assurance as to the level of integrity and trustworthiness of individuals. Basic and Enhanced basic checks are often used for access to confidential information.Enhanced CRB checks – most frequently used for people working in social, education, health and local government. Although an Enhanced CRB usually take up to four weeks, it may take longer if the individual has moved house, changed names, etc.

Counter terrorist check
Only available to individuals resident in the UK for a minimum of three years. It combines a Basic check with a check against National security records. Counter terrorist checks are recommended for individuals closely linked to public figures, given access to highly sensitive data and who have unrestricted access to certain Government or commercial establishments.

Security check
Only available to those that have been resident in the UK for a minimum of five years. It includes a Basic check, UK criminal and security check and a credit check. This check is for individuals who would have access to secret or top secret information.

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