Let your CV do the talking

Have you ever wished your CV (resume) showed employers the ‘real’ you? In the current recruitment climate, getting the right message across on a CV is serious business. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just tell it as it is?

Well, believe it or not, that wish is fast becoming fact. Videotaped CVs are giving job applicants the chance to speak directly to employers. TalkingCV!™ has exploited webcam technology to the full, allowing people to create a personal, taped CV that can be accessed by employers all over the world via the internet.

With computer prompts, you are encouraged to answer questions about yourself to a webcam. This 3D snapshot then appears in the corner of the computer screen, complementing rather than replacing the print version of your CV. ‘The traditional CV is very limited in what it can say about you,’ says Stewart Keiller, creator of TalkingCV!™. ‘You can list your achievements but you can’t show what you’re really like. Your personal qualitites such as manner, appearance and sense of humour are equally important.’

The software, which was launched in September last year, has been followed by the opening of a number of walk-in centres, where people can record their CVs with the help of an expert. The benefits of the TalkingCV!™, which can be stored securely on a website and accessed by password over the internet, are manifold. Especially handy for jobs where the right personality matters, the TalkingCV!™ can also negate the need for first interviews, and is particularly useful for overseas postings.

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