Joan of Arc

If your career aim was to achieve immortality, there could have been no better way to contrive your demise than to be burned at the stake. But it is certainly true that a higher calling motivated you. Career options were never at the forefront of your mind.

If you had followed an ecclesiastical career, you would have certainly reached the heights. But in choosing the military, perhaps your talents were not best utilized. It seems that the combination of your divine mission and your bravery caused your downfall. Yes, you effectively put an end to England’s ascendancy in France, but you paid for it with your life.

Though you were found guilty of heresy and sorcery -never a good career move – the English finally vindicated you. Unfortunately, this was after your death.

You obviously had immense charisma and unrivalled leadership qualities, but you chose to use them in a selfless way. You didn’t use your talents in the interests of your career, but it would be impossible to criticize you for that.

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