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Brad Rees enjoys working his socks off. Rees, the former new media editor for Express Newspapers, has just swapped one hectic dotcom job for another. He has recently been appointed senior producer at after spending seven months at rival online outlet Sportal. He describes the change as moving from ‘hard work’ to ‘seriously hard work’

New title: Senior producer,

Former title: Head of online events, Sportal

Time with last company: Seven months

Date of birth: 12 April 1967

Reasons for changing position?
I wanted a bigger challenge and to have a more mainstream role.

What will you miss most?
There were some cool people there.

What will you miss least?
The local restaurants.

What are you most excited about?
Being in the thick of it all and making things happen.

What are you least excited about?
Working harder than ever.

What are your responsibilities in your new job?
To work with a focused team of producers, editors and designers to push the brand into every area of European sport by producing efficient, comprehensive websites and applications.

What does the future hold for the company?
One would hope for an initial public offering (IPO) and, beyond that, a consolidation of all we have achieved to date. It’s important to see a future past an IPO in a start-up.

Pearls of wisdom?
If you want to get into web production think hard about your social life, or lack of it. If you think you can just trot into work on a Monday morning and pick it up as you go along – think again. The first thing you can do is to create your own website so you can see how the process works from inception – it also gives you another thing to put on your resume.

Worst job you’ve ever done?
Working as a glass collector at Blackpool Tower’s Good Time East Emporium. Firstly because I’ve never heard such a ridiculously longwinded name, and secondly there are more enjoyable things to do with your time than asking ‘are you finished with that brandy and coke, madam?’.

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