Hospitality Jobs

There are mainly three categories of hospitality jobs that are related to recreation, restaurants, and accommodations.

  1. Those who work in the accommodation industry are employed under hotel jobs and resort jobs by inns, hotels, motels, or even campgrounds.
  2. The restaurant industry offers jobs in bars, food joints, or different restaurants.
  3. The third category places you in casinos, theme parks, or even gyms.

You can get into the hospitality industry as a food and beverage manager. It is important to know the job description and responsibilities of this position.

  1. A food and beverage manager has to control and supervise all the catering outlets as per the requirements of the hotel.
  2. One of the main duties includes ensuring efficient and prompt service of snacks, meals, and beverages.
  3. Another duty is to make sure that the margin of profit is maintained.
  4. He or she also has to ensure that the staff is behaving in a proper manner and all the places are well maintained and clean. Apart from these there are many such tasks that a food and beverage manager has to perform.

Banquet manager is another good paying job in the hospitality industry. A banquet manager has to control and supervise the banqueting department. He has to make sure that the liquor and food charges are maintained, and that the budgeted targets are achieved or exceeded.

Another designation in hotel jobs is the head housekeeper. He is the one who supervises the servicing and cleaning of all restaurants, bedrooms, public rooms, and function rooms as well.

Restaurant manager is another designation in which the manager has to supervise and control the bar and the restaurant. He is bestowed with the responsibility of appointing qualified people in the restaurant. He has to communicate with costumers about special functions and is also responsible for ensuring security in all areas under his supervision. There are also many other tasks that he has to perform.

Resorts are the latest additions to the hospitality industry. These days a number of holiday resorts have cropped up that offer several resort jobs. The frequently asked questions and answers related to resort jobs are:

What is the main job of a resort worker?

  1. They help people at luxury hotels, spas, casinos, and even lodges.
  2. Resorts employ managers, HR specialists, departmental supervisors, and general managers.

What is the main responsibility of resort workers?

  1. Workers in food service, are responsible for serving food to customers
  2. Bus boy or bussers assists in setting and clearing the tables and help in serving food.
  3. Hostesses and hosts show the guests to their tables and take care of reservations.
  4. Meals are prepared by prep cooks and executive chefs.

There are many other resort jobs like front desk clerks, concierges, housekeeping, maintenance, retail clerks, retail mangers, spa attendants, ski instructors, lifeguards, manager of water activities, and more.

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