Headhunting Private Medical

When headhunting within the healthcare industry or for cosmetic surgery and other kinds of aesthetic surgery, we are experts in putting together the people who have the skills with the people who need those skills. Headhunters will ensure that you get exactly the right people for the job you need them to do, by actively recruiting through tried & tested specialist network methods.

British companies employ UK headhunters who can call on prospective candidates from all over the country when they have a specific position they need filling. The most talented & driven medical individuals aren’t necessarily currently working near you and therefore if you don’t employ a head hunter, especially one who works in the niche worlds of cosmetic surgery, you could be doing your company a big disservice.

Head-hunters working within the private medical sector seek out exceptional individuals from right across the UK to provide skills or knowledge to complement your comapny and in many cases these individuals bring new functions, skills & ideas not presently used in your company and significantly enhancing the company’s abilities.

However, often the best candidates aren’t looking for a new job and may already be employed by your competition. If you want your business to succeed and need to employ high performing individuals with vision & energy you need to employ a headhunting firm as they are more likely to get you the results you demand. Our ability to uncover the best, to target & then pursue the right person for your job and get them to your door will outweigh any additional costs that may be incurred by using us. As private medical headhunters we will leave no stones unturned in our targeted attempts to assist your HR department in getting the best candidates.
Our private medical headhunters search for candidates within the cosmetic surgery and aesthetic surgery sector and provide a comprehensive service that includes client briefings, proactive searches, candidate interviews, any negotiations, facilitation plus mentoring. We never just want to fill the position with an individual who “will do”, we want to find you the very best top candidate(s). These high profile candidates often drive a hard bargain but as your headhunters, we are here to make the most advantageous deal for you.

As your private medical head-hunters we will approach prospective candidates with great tact & sensitivity, as it is no good rushing in and end up overwhelming people with how fantastic it would be if they changed jobs – most will be of the opinion “if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.” All of our headhunters have the ability to listen, be pro-active in their search for the right person and then be insightful in their decisions. When you do employ our professional headhunters you are opening up to endless possibilities for finding high profile, talented individuals as we have access to candidates whose qualities bring that little bit extra to your business!

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