Headhunting for Director Level Jobs

Many large companies now use headhunting firms to headhunt the best candidates for their directors and board level vacancies as there are many advantages to this type of recruitment:

Confidentiality for the Company

If a company has a position vacant for a director’s position the last thing they will want is for their competitors to know they have a possible weakness, so by using a headhunting company to confidentially find a replacement they do not need to announce the vacancy until it is an announcement of the new position holder.

Confidentiality for the Candidate

For selected candidates it could be disastrous for their own careers if it got out that they were planning to change jobs/companies which in turn can lead to repercussions for the company with the job vacancy so headhunters will ensure total confidentiality for all concerned until the hiring process is complete.

Finding Candidates

More often than not the person who ends up with the new job hadn’t even considered looking for a move, so a headhunter’s job is to track down the best person for the directorship and persuade them that the move is in their best interest.


Negotiating the details of a move, especially at board director levels, can be very complicated and often break down when “open” channels of recruiting are used, however headhunters are specialists at negotiating on behalf of both parties ensuring a seamless transition.

Saving Time

By not advertising the job the employer will not be inundated with CVs from inappropriate candidates and as the headhunters will go straight to the ideal candidates after focused and targeted research those that are put forward will be the best people for the director position, making the whole process quick and efficient.

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