David Beckham

Like your wife, you are at the peak of your career. Also like your wife, you are suffering from a few problems in the public relations department.

You must be careful not to sacrifice the respect you have earned for your tremendous skills by behaving recklessly on the pitch. You will find that sponsorship and endorsement opportunities will begin to disappear, and it is vital that you exploit these to the full when you are in a career that has a time limit of 15 years.

Many footballers have made their names through their belligerence on the pitch, and some have used their reputations to carve out lucrative careers after their playing days have ended. But these have always been journeymen. Players who have had to use their aggression to make the most of their limited skills. This is not the path for you to follow.

So how are you to reverse you downward journey in the estimation of the public? It is easy to advise you to calm down and temper your reactions on the football pitch, but we must consider the pressure you are under. Have you considered rage counseling? Maybe your wife could ask Naomi Campbell to recommend a good therapist.

As for your immediate prospects, perhaps the best advice is to stay where you are. Your contract is up in two years time, and with the current trend for early renegotiation, and your club’s new found ability to match the wages offered by any other club in the world, a move could place you under unnecessary strain.

Providing you are not under undue pressure from your wife to relocate, your best bet is to stay at the world’s biggest, most successful, and richest football club. Even though you do have to work with some of the nastiest people in the world.

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