Contemplating a career change?

Jennie McLoughlin from Lifecoach Directory offers some tips on finding the all important reason to make a career shift. Lifecoach Directory has a wealth of information on making big life decisions and a network of qualified UK life coaches ready to help you achieve your career goals.

As human beings we are naturally programmed to choose safety over the fear of the unknown…most of the time. However, that often clashes with our other need to find happiness, which often involves taking big risks. If you are unhappy in your job, this contradiction can create an unpleasant feeling which can quickly escalate out of control.

So when your need for safety and your need for happiness start to clash, which is the right feeling to listen to?

A lot of the answer to this important question will depend on the current climate. In terms of the job market, being in a recession can seem like the absolute worst time to contemplate shifting your career. However, when you take a step back and look at the consequences you may face if you don’t make that career leap, you may quickly reconsider your decision. Of course family and commitments will factor in your decision. Ultimately though, if you decide not to act now, you may end up in a far worse position than you realise.

For most people, jobs take up a large amount of our lives, even those working part time spend a lot more time than their ’on the job’ time, worrying about going back to work, thinking about what they will be doing at work, stressing over colleague disputes etc… So, given the amount of time we spend on work, don’t we have a duty to ensure that we are happy in our jobs?

The answer is yes. We should be more than happy in our jobs, not only for ourselves but for the sake of our families, friends and employers. Happiness breeds enthusiasm and creativity and lowers stress levels. In fact, there aren’t any negatives associated with feeling truly happy, so seeking it out is clearly the right way to go.

But what about the recession, there are fewer jobs, lower earnings, can you afford to take that risk?

If you are even thinking about a career change, then you are definitely at the right point to start looking at shifting to a new career. Remember, there are risks on both sides of the coin. If you don’t start looking for new jobs soon you risk being unhappy and even becoming depressed. At that point, your career search will become even harder and that is a massive risk to take.

While in a career you are relatively safe to look for new jobs, so what are you waiting for?

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