Careers In Computing

Almost every company and organisation in the country relies upon computing power to operate both effectively and efficiently these days. The number of personal computers in homes continues to grow as the price drops and the computing speed grows. There is no sign of this trend slowing down, in fact, research shows the opposite. What this means is that the opportunities to find work in this area of business are many and varied, as long as you have a qualification to get you on the road to success.

Because computers perform so many different tasks, working with them means that you’ll have lots of variety in your new career. In order to gain valuable experience, many people choose to start off in a support role, perhaps, at a helpdesk in a call centre environment. In this type of job you will have support whilst you learn. From running an office network that provides accounting, sales and administration functions through to specialist systems in, for example, a manufacturing company, you’ll find plenty of scope for your new found skills.

To get your new career on its way, you could consider working in a support role on a helpdesk where you will answer customers’ basic questions about their computers, networks or software. Or, you may choose a more hands-on approach by training to work on site, setting up networks and helping customers to understand and make the most of their technology. This sort of work enables you to work more on your own initiative, visiting lots of different companies and keeping their systems running. Because working with computers is quite technical, the work can be a real challenge and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to use your problem solving capabilities.

Once qualified and with some experience, there are also opportunities to set up as an independent operator. This route would suit anyone wanting to work from home, perhaps serving the local community and local businesses whose needs are relatively modest. Setting up and repairing computers in peoples homes or in small businesses can provide a lucrative income – as well as an enjoyable way of earning a living. For the more independently minded person, there are now a number of franchise companies operating, where you work independently, but under the umbrella of a national or regional brand that supports your marketing efforts and delivers sales leads and projects.

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