Assessing A Job Offer

You’ve applied for a new role and so impressed the employer that they offer you the job

But wait – are you sure this is the right role for you?  To help you find out we’ve drawn up a list of questions.  Some will be more important to you than others, but saying “No” to a single question isn’t grounds for turning down the job.  However, if you find yourself saying “No” more often than saying “Yes” then do think very hard about whether you accept the job or not.

The Job
Does the job fit with your career plan?

Do the day-to-day responsibilities of the job sound enjoyable and challenging?
Does the job play to your strengths or weaknesses?
Will you have the opportunity to develop valuable new skills?

Job Status
Where does this job fit into the business, and is that where you want to be?
What part will you play in achieving the goals of the organisation?

Job Location
Is the job easy – or at least practical – to get to?
Is there public transport or car parking available for the job?

Job Hours
Will the working hours fit into your life?
Are you required you to work evenings or weekends?  Is that OK?
Is there the option of flexible or home working?

Job People
Have you met any of your potential new colleagues?
Did they seem happy in their roles?  Were they friendly?
Have you met your boss? Could you work with their leadership style?

Job Promotional Prospects
For how long do people typically stay with the company?
Do opportunities for promotion exist?

The Business
Is the business a good fit with your values, goals and attitude?

Business Stability
How long has the company been operating for?
What financial state is it in?

Business Philosophy
Is the business both employee and family friendly?
Is it a business you would be proud to work for?

Business Product/Service
Do the company’s products or services appeal to you?
Does the business match your interests?

Business Size
Is the business small or large? Which would you prefer?

Business Style
What is the overall management style; is it open and empowering, or autocratic?
Is the business’ management style compatible with yours?

Business Opportunities
What types of training opportunities are available to you?
Is there a professional development plan for employees of the business?

Pay and Benefits

Does the pay and benefits package meet your needs?

Will you be paid a salary that matches your title and responsibilities?
Is the salary performance-related? How often is this reviewed?

How much holiday will you be entitled to?

Medical Insurance
Does the employer pay all or part of the premiums on the policy?
Will other family members be covered by this?

Life and Disability Insurance
Are these offered?

Does the company encourage, support and pay for (or subsidise) training?

Child care
Are there on-site facilities or after-school programs

And remember: never hand in your notice to your present employer until you have written confirmation about a new job.

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